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This web site has been created by the City of Sydney Archives and various volunteers to bring together historical information about the Municipality of Newtown. We hope it will be of interest to researchers, local residents and all who have an interest in Newtown. Read more about the project team in the City of Sydney Archives or About Newtown itself

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Links to Newtown Subdivision Maps

Check out a list of links drawn from the National Library's subdivision
map collection for the period 1841 through to  1907. Including
estates such as Northwood, O'Connell Town, Kingston, Reiby House,
Stanmore House,Thornby, Kingsbury, Kingston, Hansons Paddock,
Mount Eagle, Kettle, Burren, Copeland's Paddock, Yarraville, Linthorpe,
Gowrie, Pines, Smith's, Islington, Camden College McKechnie,
Camdenville,Holmwood, Goodsell's, Bello Retiro, Lynton and
Stanmore Road. Plus allotments at Newtown Chruch, St Peters Church,
Newtown Railway Station, The Toll Bar, the late Fran. King's properties,
the late Dr Wardell's properties and Judge Josephson's grounds.
Newtown Assessment Books

A valuable historical and family history resource. 148-150_Wilson_Street_Newtown

Find out who the original owner or occupant of your Newtown property was. 

To search see . . .

Local Council Info: Assessment Books

Sand's Sydney Directory

Did your house ever have a name?

Who lived there in the past?

The Sand's Sydney Directory 1858-1932/33 can assist you in researching the history of your Newtown property. For more information see Local Area: Sands Sydney